Brick Pation Repaired
Brick Pation Repair

November 25, 2016 / by Boston Brick and Stone specialist / In Hardscpae

The value of brick patio repairs

A brick or stone patio can be a great addition to any yard. When the hardscape is designed and constructed by skilled craftsmen, it will look great and it will last a long time. That said, a hardscape patio is subject to the elements, and over time, this can affect the way it will look and it will eventually need repairs.

If you have an older brick or stone hardscape in your yard, you might feel dismayed that some parts of it do not look as good as they used to or that there is some damage that makes it less functional or less attractive. These problems may cause you to use this outdoor space less. Fortunately, this type of hardscape can be repaired. With some minor issues, you might be able to do the work yourself, but if you want the patio to look as good as new, then you are probably going to need professional repair.

A common problem with these outdoor areas is that the bricks or sections of brick will become uneven over time. In some cases, this can be the result of poor workmanship when the patio was built. If the base of a brick patio is not properly compacted, it can cause a section or one side to sink a little bit over time. In addition to that, it could also be the result of poor drainage in the patio area. To fix this problem, bricks need to be removed in order to make adjustments to the base and then the bricks can be re-laid.

Another common issue is bricks or stones that have become broken, chipped or loose. In these cases, the affected bricks will need to be removed and either re-laid or replaced. A skilled repair service can do this job in way that will be seamless with the rest of the brick construction and it will restore the patio in a way that is better looking and safe.

Some homeowners might be unsatisfied with the look of their outdoor patio because the color of the stones or bricks has faded over time. An outdoor patio is exposed to the sun, and over time, the sun can fade the colors of bricks and stones. To protect against this, you can use a sealer. The sealer should be applied about once every three years, but most people fail to perform this maintenance step.

To address this issue, there are special detergents that can be used to restore the color of stones and bricks. Once the patio has been cleaned, they will then need to be sealed to protect the color and the finish.

Getting this type of work done has a value that goes beyond just restoring the functionality and the look of an outdoor space. When you restore the brick patio and walkways it also improves the value of the property. In addition to that, it ensures the safety of the outdoor space. Uneven and poorly maintained brickwork can be a hazard, so you are also doing something to protect the safety of people that use the yard.

Boston Brick & Stone is the leading name for brick construction and brick repair in the Los Angeles area. Whether it is a patio, a walkway or anything else, we can provide repair services that will restore the look and functionality to your outdoor brickwork. If you need patio repair or any other type of brick construction, contact our offices for a free estimate.

"When the hardscape is designed and constructed by skilled craftsmen, it will look great and it will last a long time."

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