Keeping a Safe Chimney

August 09, 2016 / by Boston Brick & Stone Specialist / In Chimney and Fireplace

Keeping a safe chimney

A fireplace can be a nice feature in any home. They can be used as an alternative source of heating and many people enjoy having them simply for the look and feel that it adds to the home. If you have a fireplace, then maintenance should be one of your top concerns. A well-maintained fireplace will be safe and offer few worries, but a lack of maintenance can cause some real problems.

"A well-maintained fireplace will be safe and offer few worries, but a lack of maintenance can cause some real problems."

In keeping a safe fireplace, one of the primary concerns is the chimney. It will need regular maintenance to ensure that it is clean, structurally sound and to ensure that it is doing an adequate job of channeling the smoke out of the house. For fireplace maintenance, there are some things that you can do on your own, but there are some jobs that will require the skills of a professional.

The first thing to know is that you are going to need to perform some basic maintenance on your own. If yours is a home where the fireplace is used regularly, then you are going to want to clean the ashes out on a weekly basis. In addition to that, you are probably going to want to clean the inside of the firebox and brush out the chimney about once a month.

Regardless of how often you use the fireplace, you will want to get the chimney inspected and cleaned once a year. Thousands of chimney fires occur every year, most of which would have been prevented if the chimney had received an annual inspection. At the beginning of the season where you are going to be using the fireplace more, it is recommended that you schedule and inspection and cleaning from a team of certified professionals.

When a professional inspects your chimney, they go through a multi-point checklist that covers the chimney's functional capabilities, structural integrity, fire safety and its ability to contain the harmful gases that a fire may produce. Upon the full inspection of the chimney, you should be given details about any issues that were identified and the chimney specialist should provide you with information about the recommended solutions.

In addition to the annual inspection, you will also want to get the chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep. Through use, creosote can build up in the chimney and this will make for a significant fire hazard. Further, blockages can form in the chimney that will limit its ability to channel the smoke to the outdoors. A good chimney cleaning will clear the blockages and remove the hazardous build-up that can accumulate inside the chimney. This will ensure safe operation and protect your family and the home.

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