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We take pride in our high quality construction and repair but the final test is what our customers say about us. Here is what homeowners and real estate agents have to say about our services.

Marcy - Los Angeles

The best crew ever

Just replaced two chimneys in our home. The best crew ever, led by Anthony Baer. Would not do it without him! Seamless execution, permitting, clean-up. I sell real estate and have used BB&S for inspections and chimney work, but never in my own home. I can honestly recommend them highly to everyone having experienced their professionalism firsthand. Thank you for making this such a nice experience!

Marcy M. - Los Angeles CA

outdoor patio in Pasadena Roland W
outdoor patio in Pasadena Roland W

we feel like we got 110% value for the price paid!

We had our patio and rear yard hardscape rebuilt by Boston Brick and Stone and we could not be happier! Their Mason Sammy has been with them forever and started every day with a smile and a commitment to craftsmanship, Anthony oversaw the project with a keen eye for finish and quality, Mark designed the project beautifully, and Dave the owner was frequently on site and a pleasure to work with. Boston Brick and Stone will never be the cheapest bid, but paying for quality only hurts once! That being said, we feel like we got 110% value for the price paid!

Roland W. - Pasadena CA

Ana M West Covina

I found the company and most of their employees to be kind, helpful and especially professional

I utilized BBS to update my chimney after a remodel. From the moment of my first call, I found the company and most of their employees to be kind, helpful and especially professional.

During my contact with BBS, I mainly worked with Mark Cazares. Mark is AMAZING! He always returned my calls or emails promptly, and went out of his way to make sure that my concerns were addressed. His initial assessment was VERY detailed and professional. It contained photos, county fire regulation, as well as city ordinances. The evaluation was far more than I had expected to receive and well worth the $200.00 I paid. Mark also worked with me on the budget for the update. The total cost was very fair. It took one day to finish and it looks GREAT!!

They are a professional company that does quality work! Their prices are very fair considering the quality of their work.

In my eyes, Boston Brick and Stone deserve a 5 star rating!

Thank you! Boston Brick and Stone

- Ana M. - West Covina CA

Alberto Cueto - Pasadena CA

First class, full service masonry contractor here!

First class, full service masonry contractor here!

I hired Boston Brick and Stone (BB&S) for two jobs: replacement of an old failing retaining wall, and a demolition/replacement of an old stone chimney.

I'll go into detail about the retaining wall job:  I got several bids from different construction firms for this job.  Some were cheap bids, but they skimped on quality and details.  BB&S's bid was very detailed and thorough... several pages long.  Bottom line price was not cheap, but I got a good feeling about BB&S.  I ultimately decided to go with them.  Work commenced almost immediately.

The retaining wall job was fairly complex, as the wall divides two properties that are on different slope levels.  The old existing wall was slowly leaning over to the side of a building...  not much physical space to work in.  Nonetheless, BB&S did an amazing job.  Their expert foreman supervised the job, and the owner of the company, Dave, would come by often to check out the work.  They removed brush and heavy bushes, demoed the old wall, laid a concrete foundation for the new wall, constructed the new wall, and finished off with a drainage system for the wall.  BB&S got an engineer to look at the old wall, and to design a new one that would not fail as the old one did.  They pulled the permits from the City, and when the City inspector would come by to inspect the progress, he would say that these guys really know what they're doing.  I would have to agree with him.  Their work crews really know what they are doing, and they have an extremely strong work ethic.

 The job got done in about a month, in less time than originally expected, despite some delays and hot temperatures.  The end product will not be falling over or failing in any way during my lifetime.  As Dave told me: That wall is solid - it's not going anywhere!

Very professional, very clean, very organized, very honest, courteous staff and crews, quality work, foremen are memorable and true masters of their trades.  A little pricey, but in construction, you get what you pay for.  I especially appreciated the daily call from their scheduling manager, Holly, informing me about whether the crew was going to be out at the jobsite the next day or not, upcoming City inspections, materials delivery logistics, etc... This excellent communication with me, the homeowner, definitely helped to alleviate some of the stress that comes with home renovation.  I would hire them again or refer people to them in a heartbeat.  This kind of construction company is a rarity in our day of cookie-cutter construction and quick, cheap work.

Alberto Cueto - Pasadena CA

Thanks to Boston Brick

"Thanks to Boston Brick & Stone's EXCELLENT inspections of the chimney/fireplace and the foundation, I was able to make an informed decision about a home purchase. The pictures and diagram included in my report spoke a thousand words and perhaps, literally, may have saved my life."

- D.B

I highly recommend BBS if you are looking to get quality work

I hired Boston Brick and Stone for an estimate on chimney repair 5 years ago. At the time I decided not to do the work but I wish I had. I recently hired them again for another chimney inspection due to water leaking into the house around the chimney. The inspection was very detailed with lots of pictures and explanation about the areas that were damaged. It was more expensive than I had hoped----but aren't home repairs often this way? I requested a discount and they offered a small one. This was helpful. The only thing I would say about any discounts you receive is to make sure you understand the conditions of the discount (it might be for cash only or it might exclude other offers you were planning on using).

I am sure another company would have done less of the work and offered lower prices, but the reason i was in this mess is that a previous homeowner hired someone to rebuild the chimney and they clearly cut corners.

While the work was not cheap, I felt VERY CONFIDENT in the quality of the work. The supervisor was amazing (Alex) and his crew were very nice and hard working. The supervisor explained the work every step of the way and showed us all that he did to make the chimney secure and usable, in addition to preventing further water from entering the house. In the end, I understood this 3 day job to be quite complex and well worth the $3000.

I highly recommend BBS if you are looking to get quality work that is well done and thorough. If you want to skimp or cut corners to find the cheapest price, you should go elsewhere. You might find cheaper, but I highly doubt it will match the quality of BBS.

- Richard P - Van Nuys CA

It's rare to find a company in the construction arena with so much professionalism.

My wife and I just wanted to drop you a note to say how happy we were with your work in replacing our chimney. From first contact online, to the estimate meeting, to the final clean up, your employees were nothing but professional, and top quality. When questions arose they were answered. When problems arose, they were fixed quickly, courteously, and without conflict. And more than anything, you were able to complete the job ahead of schedule. Wow. One of the city inspectors even asked about your company because he thought the work looked outstanding.

Needless to say we are very pleased. It's rare to find a company in the construction arena with so much professionalism. Feel free to use us as a reference at any time.

- B.L.S. - Home Owners

You set high standards for workmanship, dependability, and excellent communications.

It was a pleasure to do business with your well-organized, efficient company. You set high standards for workmanship, dependability, and excellent communications. We are very pleased with the overall outcome.

Thank you for coming to Palos Verdes

- D.K. & N.K. - Homeowners Palos Verdes CA

We are very happy with the work you did at our home

My wife and I were referred to your company by our realtor, Mr. Steve Goldbaum. Your company has just finished the work on our chimney and we are very, very pleased. It is rare these days that a company will do what they say they will do, return calls, and do quality work at a fair price!!

The people that did the work at our home were neat, clean, and organized and we did not experience any inconvenience due to the work. Again, we are very happy with the work you did at our home. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Thanks.

- A.A. & L.A. - Homeowners Northridge, CA

They took care to minimize the mess they created

Boston Brick rebuilt the fire box in our fireplace and made some repairs to the chimney. During the job, they took care to minimize the mess they created.

They cleaned up carefully afterward. All their dealings with us were polite and professional. The work itself looks solid. I would use them again

- D.H.B. - Homeowners

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